• Dev Patel

    Dev Patel

    A gadget Geek with the love for Tech, peace and animals with a unique taste for things and a good eye for awesome products.

  • few_min_read


    writing has been my passion since I got into listening my inner voices

  • Noor Ali-Hasan

    Noor Ali-Hasan

    I’m a UX research lead at Google, where I help teams design and build desirable and easy to use products. Outside of work, I love art, Peloton, and Lego.

  • Annie Evans

    Annie Evans

  • K Gokul

    K Gokul

  • Radhakrishnan


  • Sumeet Kukkar

    Sumeet Kukkar

  • Fabricio Ricci

    Fabricio Ricci

    UX Researcher | Pura Mente

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