“I am an entrepreneur and I have observed a need for my product in the market. All I need is a designer, a couple of developers and then we can test how the product works in the market after the launching the MVP (minimum viable product.)

Why do I need to hire a UX Researcher at this stage?”

I have heard many founders disregard the necessity and impact of hiring a User Experience Researcher (UXR) at the early stages of growing their start-up because of various reasons. Let’s go through some of the most common ones I have observed.

Founder doing the research


I have been working on a project for the We Are One, Bruce Lee exhibit that will open in San Francisco’s Chinatown this November 2021. While conducting research to come up with strategies to market the exhibit, I rediscovered Bruce Lee through a completely different lens. I was aware of Bruce Lee the martial artist, the philosopher and the actor but there were a lot of important things about his life that I did not know.

  • After mastering Wing Chun, he founded his own martial arts style, Jeet Kune Do, while he was bedridden with a back injury.
  • He is…

I have been a devoted Android user until last year and even when I switched to iPhone I installed Chrome, Google Maps, Photos, the entire G-Suite. My phone’s software looks like iOS but has the soul of Android. When Google first changed the maps icon, it was disappointing but I was willing to live with it. But now, it has gone too far!

Google’s new set of icons for their rebranding for “Google Workspace”

If you wait long enough by the river, the bodies of your favorite Google products will float by.

This hilariously paraphrased Sun Tzu quote in a TechCrunch article captures the frustration of all Google’s users who care…

No, this post isn’t about how I travelled across the world and meditated with the Dalai Lama after I found my soul in the Himalayas. I believe that if I haven’t found my soul in my backyard then I probably won’t find it elsewhere.

I want to talk about a book I recently read called Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl. It is a memoir on his days in several Nazi concentration camps and a peek into his brain child, logotherapy. Frankl’s honesty and the motivation I got from reading the book compelled me to write a rather candid…

Anagha Varrier

UX Researcher | Writer at Bootcamp | I ruminate on product research, design, psychology and philosophy and write about it. http://anaghavarrier.com/

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